What is pink tax and are you paying it ?

• It refers to the extra cost that women have to pay on products designed and marketed specifically to them, as compared to other generic or male equivalent same products.

• For e.g., most salons charge more for women’s haircut than men’s.

Key highlights

• According to a recent study by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, hair care products for women were 48% more expensive than the same products for men. Even toys for girls are priced higher than those for boys.

• It’s a double whammy for women as on one hand, they get less pay in comparison to men for the same level of work and on the other hand, have to spend more on generic products specifically marketed to them.

• Some argue that that women’s garments and accessories require minute detailings and thus are priced high.

• While some others argue that the expectations that are placed on women’s appearance increase the price of the products specifically designed for them.

• To avoid Pink Tax, generic versions of products can be bought if the difference in quality is not much.


Mains Paper 3: Economy

Prelims level: Pink tax

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