Women’s wall for Gender Equality in Kerala

• On 1st January, all-around 30 lakh girls stood shoulder to shoulder to kind Vanitha Mathil, “women’s wall” that ran throughout the duration of Kerala.

• The wall stretched from Kasaragod in the north to Thiruvananthapuram in the south for about 620 Kms.

Key highlights of the Vanitha Mathil, Women’s Wall

• The event was organised by the Government of Kerala with the guidance of various political, spiritual and social groups. The contributors at the Women’s Wall resolved to uphold the values of Kerala’s renaissance, make sure gender justice, and counter moves to transform the condition into a lunatic asylum.

• The function was also a counterdemonstration against the agitations preventing ladies of menstruating age from coming into the Sabarimala shrine in violation of the Supreme Court’s ruling.

• Throughout the occasion, contributors took a pledge to secure the values of social reformation motion, to assist the thought of gender equality as conceived by the Constitution and to oppose any attempts to flip Kerala into “a lunatic asylum”.


Mains Paper 1: Society

Prelims level: Women’s wall

Mains level: Gender equality and women empowerment

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