World Cancer Day 2019 observed across the world

• To raise awareness about cancer, especially among the rural population, a Delhi-based hospital has conducted a special drive to reach out to hundreds of village school teachers and sarpanchs.

• In the run up to World Cancer Day on February 4, the BLK Super Specialty Hospital organised a ceremony on Saturday to felicitate sarpanchs each of whom contributed to this campaign by sensitising 100 families in his village and convinced them to attend the Cancer Talks and the cancer screening camps organised by the hospital.

• The campaign which started in December, and so far has covered nearly 65 villages. Around 700 teachers in outer Delhi and Haryana actively contributed in spreading awareness about the disease in their villages and schools.

Facts about Cancer

• Cancer is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide, with approximately 14 million new cases in 2012.

• The number of new cases is expected to rise by about 70 percent over the next 2 decades.

• Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, and was responsible for 9.6 million deaths in 2018.

• Lung, prostate, colorectal, stomach and liver cancer are the most common types of cancer in men, while breast, colorectal, lung, cervix and thyroid cancer are the most common among women.

• Around one third of deaths from cancer are due to the 5 leading behavioral and dietary risks: high body mass index, low fruit and vegetable intake, lack of physical activity, tobacco use and alcohol use.

• Tobacco use is the most important risk factor for cancer and is responsible for approximately 22 percent of cancer deaths.

• Cancer causing infections, such as hepatitis and human papilloma virus (HPV), are responsible for up to 25 percent of cancer cases in low- and middle-income countries.

• The economic impact of cancer is significant and is increasing. The total annual economic cost of cancer in 2010 was estimated at approximately USD 1.16 trillion.

• Only 1 in 5 low- and middle-income countries have the necessary data to drive cancer policy.

About World Cancer Day

• World Cancer Day was proclaimed by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), a leading international non-governmental organisation.

• It was established to support the goals of the World Cancer Declaration written in 2008.

• The primary goal of the day is to significantly reduce illness and death caused by cancer by 2020. It also aims at raising awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection and treatment.


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