3rd India-Australia-Japan-USA Quad Ministerial Meeting

• Minister of External Affairs participated in the 3rd India-Australia-Japan-USA Quad Ministerial Meeting.

Key highlights of the meet:

• Highlighted the shared attributes as political democracies, market economies and pluralistic societies.

• Expressed Commitment to cooperate in enhancing access to affordable vaccines, medicines and medical equipment.

• Called for furthering cooperation in areas like maritime security, HADR (Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief), supply chain resilience and counter-terrorism.

• Reiterated commitment to rule of law, rules-based international order, respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty, which is seen as reference to China’s movies.

• Emphasized Upholding democratic transition noting the situation in Myanmar.

About Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad):

• Idea of Quad was first mooted by Japanese Prime Minister in 2007 among four countries— US, India, Japan and Australia, which did not take off for various reasons.

• It was revived in 2017, due to reasons such as growing convergence among countries, increasing significance of Indo-Pacific region, rising threat perceptions vis-a-vis China etc.

• Key focus of Quad has been to bolster cooperation on advancing a free and open Indo-Pacific.


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