Archaeological excavations set to begin in seven more places in Tamil Nadu

• Encouraged by findings in Keeladi, Department of Archaeology has decided to launch excavations at seven more sites.


• Keeladi (Sivaganga district) excavations proved that an urban civilisation existed in Tamil Nadu in Sangam era on the banks of the river Vaigai.

• Another field study will be conducted to find new Stone Age (Neolithic) sites in Krishngiri,Vellore, Dharmapuri,Tiruvannamalai and Salem districts.

• Neolithic cultures around 10000 years ago belong to the Holocene era.

• Neolithic period is significant for its megalithic architecture, the spread of agricultural
practices, and the use of polished stone tools (celts).

• Other features of the neolithic phase include the invention of pottery, a greater degree of
sedentary living, the emergence of small and relatively self-sufficient village communities, and a division of labour based on sex.

Famous sites in India:

• Around Uttar Pradesh: Koldihwa, Mahagara, Pachoh, Indari along Belan, Adwa, Son, Rihand, Ganga, Lapari, and Paisuni rivers.

• Kasmir Valley: Burzahom, Gufkral, Hariparigom, Jayadeviudar, Olchibag, Pampur, Panzgom, Sombur, Thajiwor, Begagund, Waztal, Gurhoma Sangri, and Damodara.

• Brahmgiri and Tekkalkota (Karnataka), Chirand (Bihar).


Mains Paper 1: Art and Culture

Prelims level: Archaeological excavations sites

Mains level: Famous sites in India

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