Armoured Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicle

• The first batch of next-generation Armoured Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicles (AERV), indigenously designed and developed by DRDO, and manufactured by Bharat Electronics Limited, was formally inducted into the Indian Army.
About the vehicle

• AERV is manufactured with more than 90% indigenous content.

• The AERV, which has been developed by modifying the amphibious infantry fighting vehicle and was designed to meet the tactical and combat requirements of military engineers carrying out terrestrial and under-water surveys in hostile terrains, primarily for the construction of assault bridges in desert, flat and even riverine areas for both offensive and defensive operations, water reconnaissance, land reconnaissance, navigation and data backup.

• AERV is capable of measuring soil bearing capacity on riverbanks to determine if they are motorable for military vehicles on Go-No Go basis (critical parameters for bridge laying), dry and wet gaps in day and night conditions, slopes and height of river banks or canals.

• AERVs can navigate terrain using Military Grid Co-ordinate System, measure and plot underwater beds and water currents of rivers or canals, store data from various instruments on Control Console for further analysis and decision-making.

• Instead of the turret, the revolving tower, which an armoured vehicle usually has, has been replaced in the case of the AERV with a laser range finder and other electronic equipment. The vehicle also has equipment measuring water currents, soil densities etc. required for engineering columns to construct the bridges that can sustain desired operational load.


Mains Paper 3: Defence and Security

Prelims level: Armoured Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicle

Mains level: Indigenization of technology and developing new technology

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