[AspirantWorld Explained] Jammu and Kashmir brings grant of domicile certificate procedure rules 2020

• The Jammu & Kashmir government on Monday notified Jammu and Kashmir Grant of Domicile Certificate (Procedure) Rules, 2020, which define the conditions and the process to acquire the documents required tor applying to jobs and avail other privileges restricted to residents.
• The rules layout a simple process for the issuance of the Domicile Certificate. There shall be a timeline of 15 days for issuance of the certificate after which the applicant shall be free to approach an Appellate Authority.
• The decision of the Appellate Authority shall be binding upon the issuing authority and the orders of the Appellate Authority are to be complied within seven days, failing which the defaulting officer shall be liable for a penalty of Rs 50,000 out of his salary.
• The rule states that all people who have resided in the Union Territory for at least 15 years, or have studied for seven years and appeared in class 10th or 12th examination from a school registered within the territory, and their children, are eligible for grant of domicile.
• Children of the central government, All India service, bank and PSU, statutory body, and central university officials, who have served in Jammu of Kashmir for a total period of at least 10 years will also be eligible for domicile status.
• Migrants and their children who are registered with Relief and Rehabilitation Commissioner will also be provided a domicile certificate.
• Children of those residents of Jammu and Kashmir who reside outside the Union territory for education, job, or other professional or vocational reasons have also become eligible for grant of domicile status.
• As per the new rules and procedure, West Pakistan Refugees (WPRs), safai karamcharis, and children of women married outside Jammu and Kashmir shall also be now eligible for Domicile Certificate.
• Permanent residents of the former state of J&K who have PRC issued by the competent authority before 31st October 2019, does not have to produce any other document. They can simply acquire a domicile certificate by producing their respective PRC certificate.
• Rest of the individuals (except Kashmiri Migrant), can get the domicile certificate by producing any of these set of documents such as Ration Card, Immovable Property record, verified Education certificates, Electricity Bills or verified Labour Card/Employer Certificate.
• Kashmiri migrants have to produce either a PRC or certificate of registration of migrants.

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