AspirantWorld One liners : 21st November

• In the Uttar Pradesh city of Jhansi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi handed over an advanced electronic warfare system known as ‘Shakti’ to the Navy on 19 November 2021. Shakti is designed to intercept, detect, classify, identify, and jam both traditional and modern radars. Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) built it for the Navy’s capital warships. Shakti will improve the navy’s electronic intelligence capability for early warning, ship defense against missile assault, marine domain awareness, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, and assure electronic dominance in maritime warfare, according to the announcement made at the ceremony.

• On November 19, 2021, Jyotiraditya M. Scindia, Union Civil Aviation Minister, has said that the Central government wants to increase the number of airports in the country to more than 200 by 2023-24. He told a gathering of state and UT civil aviation ministers that the Centre wants to build at least one heliport in each district in conjunction with the states and UTs. The minister stated that the states should provide capital support for seaplanes. He also urged states and UTs to reduce VAT on aviation fuel, which accounts for the majority portion of the flight’s operating costs. India now has one of the highest VAT rates on jet fuel imposed by state governments. As a result, airline operations have a high overall cost.

• On November 19, 2021, China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian stated, Lithuania just has itself to blame; it will have to pay for what it did. China reacted after Lithuania permitted Taipei to create a representative office in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, despite Beijing’s vehement resistance. Taiwan, a self-governing democracy, is claimed by China as a renegade province that must be reunified by force if necessary. Only 15 nations have direct diplomatic relations with Taiwan, causing China to accuse them of violating the “one China” policy, which states that only the mainland is fully recognized.

• An exceptionally rare original copy of the United States Constitution was auctioned off Thursday for $43 million, setting a global record for a historical document, according to Sotheby’s. It is one of just 11 known surviving copies of the United States charter, which was signed by America’s founding fathers, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison, on September 17, 1787, at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall and ratified the following year.

• On November 19, 2021, Dr. Jitendra Singh, Union Minister of State for Science and Technology, inaugurated the world’s first and most advanced MRI facility at the National Brain Research Centre (NBRC) in Manesar, Haryana. Dr. Singh stated that with this facility, India will be able to explore new horizons in human neuroscience with a unique and powerful 3T MRI platform. He stated that Siemens’ Prisma MRI scanner is being used by a number of worldwide efforts, including the United States’ brain initiative and the European Human Brain Project.

• On November 19, 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a foundation for a number of development projects totaling over Rs 3,425 crore to help the economically deprived Bundelkhand area of Uttar Pradesh prosper. He lay the ground for a 600-megawatt Ultra Mega Solar Power Park in the poll-bound state of Jhansi. The park, which will assist supply cheaper electricity and grid stability, is being built at a cost of around Rs 3,013 crore. He also laid the groundwork for a Rs 400-crore project at the Uttar Pradesh Defence Industrial Corridor’s Jhansi node.

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