AspirantWorld One liners : 30th December

• Inmarsat-6 F1, a communication satellite, has been launched from Japan’s Tanegashima Space Center. It was launched by a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) H-IIA204 rocket into geostationary orbit, about 22,240 miles (35,790 kilometers) above the earth.

• People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India has named Alia Bhatt as its Person of the Year for 2021. She is an animal lover who frequently posts pictures of her pets on social media. Alia Bhatt invested in Phool, the company that created Feather, a vegan leather made from discarded temple flowers, earlier this year.

• The Government of India has appointed Atul Kumar Goel as the new MD and CEO of PNB. With effect from February 1 next year, the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) has approved the appointment of Atul Kumar Goel, MD and CEO of UCO Bank, as MD and CEO of Punjab National Bank (PNB).

• Guidelines for Flex-Fuel Vehicles and Flex-Fuel Strong Hybrid Electric Vehicles were released by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Automatic manufacturers in India have been instructed to begin producing Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFV) and Flex Fuel Strong Hybrid Electric Vehicles in accordance with guidelines (FFV-SHEVs).

• After a ten-year absence, India will take over as chair of the UN Security Council’s counter-terrorism committee in 2022 January. The Counter-Terrorism Committee is more important for India because it has been advocating for relevant measures to combat terrorism on a global scale.

• According to the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), India will reclaim sixth place from France in 2022 and move up to third place in 2031. India was predicted to become the third-largest economy in the world by 2030. China will overtake the United States in 2030.

• On December 23, 2021, the Global Environment and Climate Action Citizen Award were presented in Dubai. Surat’s noted industrialist Viral Desai received the prestigious Global Environment and Climate Action Citizen Award. Because of his passion for the environment, Viral Desai is known as Greenman.

• China launched a new Earth observation satellite named “Ziyuan-1 02E” into space on 27, December. The satellite was launched with the goal of discovering new natural resources. A smaller satellite was also launched, which will be used to teach geography at a Beijing school. The Long March 4C rocket launched both satellites.

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