AspirantWorld One liners : 4th May

• India has been placed at 49th position amongst 104 international locations in the Chandler Good Government Index (CGGI) 2021. Finland has topped the CGGI Index 2021, and Venezuela is the ultimate ranked united states at 104.

• Dr Krithi K Karanth, who has been the Chief Conservation Scientist at Bengaluru-based Centre for Wildlife Studies has been chosen as the first Indian and Asian woman for the 2021 ‘WILD Innovator Award’.

• International Jazz Day is designated on 30 April every yr to spotlight the importance of jazz and its diplomatic position in uniting humans in all corners of the globe. The 2021 celebration marks the tenth anniversary of International Jazz Day.

• Two kittens of small Indian Civets have been rescued from the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Small Indian civets are recognized to happen in south and central China, Hong Kong, India, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Viet Nam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.

• The Central Institute of Brackish Aquaculture, that is located in Chennai, has developed an indigenous vaccine for Viral Nervous Necrosis. The name of the vaccine is Nodavac-R. The sickness is prompted via the Betanodavirus. It generally impacts teleost fish.

• NITI Aayog these days stated that the Government of India has to furnish incentives on the purchase of electric-powered vehicles over and above current subsidies being provided under the FAME II scheme. Also, it has endorsed to furnish hobby subvention on mortgage quantity taken for Electric Vehicle purchases.

• Michael Collins was once an American Astronaut. He was once the pilot of the Apollo eleven command module. On July 20, 1969, Michael Collins stayed in the back of Buzz Aldrin, and Neil Armstrong were the 1st persons to walk on the moon. He these days died at the age of 90.

• The archaeologists these days determined that the jars in the “Plain of Jars” had been used as burial sites. They have also determined that although the jars should be 3,000 years old, the human remains advocate that people had been buried alongside facet these jars 700 years ago, which is relatively recent.

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