Bhasan Char Island

• The Government of Bangladesh and the United Nations signed an MoU for the relocation of Rohingya refugees to the newly developed facility at the Bhasan Char Island.


• The MoU sets out the policy framework of services and common protection for the Rohingya humanitarian response on the island.

• The MoU recognises the generosity of the government of Bangladesh for hosting almost 9 lakh Rohingya refugees in the country. It covers key areas of protection, education, skill development, training, livelihood and health which will help prepare them for sustainable return to Myanmar in the future.

• Bhashan char is an uninhabited Island which has been developed at a cost of Tk 3100 crore as a relocation centre for refugees currently living in the refugee camps at Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.

• It has a capacity to accommodate approximately1 lakh Rohingya refugees.

• Earlier several environmental groups expressed concern over the fragile ecological situation on the island which emerged less than 20 years back from the sea. They point out the threat of cyclone, erosion and other natural disasters for the people who will live on the Island.

• However, the govt of Bangladesh maintains that the facility is well protected as sufficient arrangement has been made with cyclone shelters and high embankment on the island. The facility at Bhashan char is considered better compared to the overcrowded camps at Cox’s Bazar.

• Till now close to 20,000 Rohingya refugees have already been settled on the Bhashan Char Island by the government.


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