Bone Ossification test

• In Mumbai, investigators said they might apply for a bone ossification test to determine whether the prime accused in the murder of Vakola guitarist Bennett Rebello (55) is a minor or not.

Key highlights:

• Bone ossification, or osteogenesis, is the process of bone formation.

• This process begins between the sixth and seventh weeks of embryonic development and continues until about age twenty-five; although this varies slightly based on the individual.

• There are two types of bone ossification, intramembranous and endochondral.

• Intramembranous ossification directly converts the mesenchymal tissue to bone and forms the flat bones of the skull, clavicle,
and most of the cranial bones.

• Endochondral ossification begins with mesenchymal tissue transforming into a cartilage intermediate, which is later replaced by bone and forms the remainder of the axial skeleton and the long bones.

• In 2016, the Bombay high court ruled that a bone ossification test is by itself not conclusive proof of age.


Mains Paper 2: Health

Prelims level : Bone Ossification test

Mains level : Key findings of the test

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