Commonwealth nations lagging behind on action against modern slavery

• A report released by Walk Free (Global anti-slavery organization) and CHRI (international NGO) highlights the need for renewed urgency to eradicate modern slavery and achieve SDG Target 8.7 by 2030.

• Modern slavery refers to situations of exploitation that a person cannot refuse or leave because of threats, violence, coercion, deception, or abuse of power.

Key findings:

Modern Slavery:

• Estimated one in every 150 people in the Commonwealth living in conditions of modern slavery.

• 71% of all victims of modern slavery are women and girls.

• Only 1/3rd of Commonwealth members criminalise forced marriage. India accounted for one-third of all child brides in the world.


• A fifth of countries have yet to criminalise human trafficking, while forced labour is not yet criminalised in 35% of countries.

• India had not ratified 2011 Domestic Workers Convention and 2014 Forced Labour Protocol.

• India has the weakest response on national coordination, with no national coordinating body or National Action Plan in place.


• Support survivors; Strengthen Criminal Justice; improve coordination among national agencies and accountability; eradicate exploitation from supply chains; strengthening and enforcing national laws and policies etc.

Mains Paper 2: International

Prelims level: Modern Slavery

Mains level: Key findings of the report

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