[Editorial Analysis] Climate Solutions

Mains Paper 3: Environment
Prelims level: Climate Change
Mains level: Issues related to Environmental Conservation


• Recent IPCCC has warned every nation by indicating that the window of opportunity to limit 1.5 °C temperature rise is closing.

• It is also projected that the average global temp rise in 2021 will be 1.2 °C above the pre-industrial era.

• As a matter of fact, the world has been started witnessing the worst impacts of climate change:
1. massive floods in Germany and W.Europe,
2. Gaint hailstones in Itlay during summer,
3. Sudden and wild rainy weather in Britain and Swiss.

Climate Change Impacts on India:

• The Himalayan glaciers are disappearing at an alarming rate which threatens India’s food and water security.

• It will increase:
1. The risks in low-lying coastal zones due to cyclones,
2. Coastal and inland flooding,
3. Strom surges and sea-level rise.

• The frequency of extreme events such as floods and droughts is increasing which is severely impacting the country’s food and water security and rural communities’ prosperity.

India’s actions in this regard:

• India for several decades has been using economic development as a policy priority:

1. to lift millions of people out of poverty,
2. create huge demand for goods and services,
3. to increase demand for energy across all sectors.

• It has made huge investments in renewable energy sources to increase the use of non-fossil fuel energies.

• It has been promoting many initiatives to encourage sustainable agriculture.

• It is promoting water conservation and harvesting across the country.

• India is steadily increasing its total tree cover and forest cover.

• Despite its efforts, India still needs to overcome enormous challenges in meeting Indian demands for energy and food sustainably.

Israeli Way- Lessons for India:

• Over decades Israel has learned to:
1. Establish agriculture in the desert and arid regions,
2. Recycle 90% of its wastewater,
3. Desalinate drinking water,
4. Develop slolutions for renewable energy, storage and efficiency.
5. Cultivate a groundbreaking industry of animal protein substitutes,
6. Preserve forests in any condition.

• Israel has become a laboratory for the development of practical solutions to the climate crisis.

• For instance, it has produced dairy and poultry products in laboratories without emitting greenhouse gases and it also resulted in frreing up of huge swath of Agri and livestock land.

• It also provide solutions in the arenas of compressed-air energy storage, energy generation from seawater, etc.


• It is high time that countries like India need to embrace the success stories and use peer technologies to move towards a zero-emissions economy by 2050 and halve humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

• At this juncture, Israel and India can lead the way to establish state-of-the-art solutions for the developing world to mitigate the climate changes impacts.


Prelims Questions:

Q.1) With reference to the Piperine, consider the following statements:

1. It enhances curcumin absorption in the body.

2. It gives turmeric its multivariate healing and protective power.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
(a) 1 only
(b) 2 only
(c) Both 1 and 2
(d) Neither 1 nor 2

Answer: C

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