First India-France-Australia Trilateral Dialogue held virtually

• The first India-France-Australia Trilateral Dialogue was held virtually on Wednesday.


• Focus of the dialogue, to be held annually, was on enhancing cooperation in Indo-Pacific region by building on strong bilateral relations that the countries share with each other.

• Besides Quadrilateral (India-USA-Japan-Australia), India is part of other trilaterals India-USA-Japan; India-Japan-Australia; India-Australia-Indonesia; Russia-India-China.

• The dialogue has been shaped by think-tank experts, illustrating influence of Track 2 and Track 1.5 diplomacy in the region.

• Track 1 diplomacy – Official; Track 2 – unofficial representatives, with no government participation; Track 1.5 – government officials who participate in unofficial capacity and
non-official actors work together.

Key issue discussed:

• Economic and geostrategic challenges and cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, particularly in context of the COVID pandemic and domestic responses to it.

• Cooperation on Marine Global Commons- blue economy, marine biodiversity and marine pollution.

• Cooperation at trilateral and regional level including through regional organisations such as ASEAN, IORA and Indian Ocean Commission.

• Priorities and challenges in multilateral institutions, including ways to strengthen and reform them.

• Possibility of enhancing maritime security cooperation in areas of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, maritime domain awareness, mutual logistics support etc.

Mains Paper 2: International Relations

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