Global Prevention Coalition for HIV Prevention

• Global Prevention Coalition (GPC), formed in 2017, is a coalition of United Nations Member States, donors, civil society organizations and implementers to support global efforts to accelerate HIV prevention.


• It seeks to ensure accountability for delivering prevention services at scale in order to achieve the targets of the 2016 Political Declaration on Ending AIDS, including a 75% reduction in HIV infections by 2020, and to ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030.

• India’s HIV prevention model is centered on concept of ‘Social Contracting’ through which the Targeted Interventions (TI) programme is implemented.

• TI are aimed at offering prevention and care services to high risk populations (Female Sex Workers, Male having Sex with Male and Injecting Drug Users) by providing them with the information, means and skills they need to minimize HIV transmission and improving their access to care, support and treatment services.

Other steps taken by India:

• Revamped TI programme to focus on hard-to-reach populations.

• Under the Test and Treat Policy, people living with HIV who were lost to follow-up were linked back to Anti-Retroviral Treatment services through ‘Mission SAMPARK’.

• Community based Screening of HIV for improving early diagnosis.


Mains Paper 2: International

Prelims level: Global Prevention Coalition

Mains level: Role of Global Prevention Coalition in HIV prevention

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