Government planning to establish All-India judicial service

• Union Minister of Law and Justice said that government was in discussion with Chief Justice of India to establish All-India judicial service (AIJS) drawing best minds via competitive examinations.

• Idea is to have a cluster of groupings like Eastern India, Northern India, Southern India etc.

• Also, there would be reservation to SC, ST, OBC for inclusive character of the judiciary.


• AIJS refers to creating a centralized cadre of District Judges recruited centrally through an all-India examination and allocating to each State along the lines of the All India Services.

• Currently, the appointments of District Judges and Subordinate Judiciary are done by the respective State governments.

• AJIS was first proposed by Law Commission in 1958. Later, provision of AIJS was included in Article 312 through 42nd amendment in 1976 on Swaran Singh Committee’s recommendations.

Benefits of AJIS:

• Address judicial vacancies.

• Enrich quality of justice by attracting best talent.

• Unified all-India judiciary, would strengthen idea of co-operative federalism.

Concerns with AJIS:

• States concerns as their right of recruitment is taken away.

• Uniform national law may neglect local laws, custom.

• Problem of language as currently proceedings upto court of District and Sessions Judge are conducted and judgments are written in local language.


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