India may call bids for setting up green hydrogen plants

• Green hydrogen is a clean burning fuel that eliminates emissions by using renewable energy (such as wind, solar or hydro) to electrolyse water, separating the hydrogen atom within it from oxygen.

• Hydrogen derived using fossil fuels is called gray hydrogen. Blue hydrogen is made in the same way, but carbon capture technologies prevent CO2 being released.

• Advantages of Hydrogen over conventional fuels: abundance, high energy density, ease of transportation over long distance, better combustion characteristics, non-polluting nature etc.

Significance for India:

• Reducing dependence on oil imports.

• It will help in resolving electricity transmission and evacuation related problems for green energy projects.

• Decarbonise a range of sectors including transport, iron and steel etc.

• Reducing emissions, improving air quality and strengthen energy security.

• Application includes: Fuel cell vehicle, H2 Hybrid vehicles, power generation, chemical industries, Fertilizer industries, refineries etc.

Challenges faced:

• Hydrogen production is energy intensive,

• hard to store and transport,

• electrolytes,

• lack of code and standards etc.


Mains Paper 3: Environment

Prelims level: Green hydrogen plants

Mains level: Significance and challenges for India to establishing green hydrogen plants

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