Indian Space Association

• Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch Indian Space Association (ISpA) on October 11, 2021.

• Indian Space Association is the Premier Industry Association of Space and Satellite companies, which aspires to be the collective voice of the Indian Space industry.

• It will undertake policy advocacy and engage with all stakeholders in the Indian Space domain, including the Government and its agencies.

• ISpA is represented by leading home grown and global corporations with advanced capabilities in space and satellite technologies.

• Its founding members include Larson and Toubro, Nelco , OneWeb, Bharti Airtel, Mapmyindia, Walchandnagar Industries and Ananth Technology Limited. Other core members include Godrej, Hughes India, Azista-BST Aerospace Private Limited, BEL, Centum Electronics and Maxar India.


Mains Paper 3: Science and Tech

Prelims level: Indian Space Association

Mains level: About the organisation and its objective

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