Jammu and Kashmir notifies amended domicile certificate rules

• The Jammu and Kashmir administration notified the Jammu and Kashmir Grant of Domicile Certificate Procedure Rules, 2020, and set a fast-track process in motion to issue the certificates within a stipulated time of 15 days.


• Under the amended rules, eligible non-locals can also apply for the certificate.

• These rules provide a simple time-bound and transparent procedure for issuance of domicile certificates. There is a timeline of 15 days for the issuance of certificates.

• Domicile certificates have now been made a basic eligibility condition for appointment to any post under the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir following the amendments in the previous Act.

• To make the process transparent and time-bound, any officer not able to issue the certificate would be penalized ₹50,000. The amount would be recovered from his salary.

• All Permanent Resident Certificate holders and their children living outside Jammu and Kashmir can apply for the certificates.

• Kashmiri migrants living in or outside Jammu and Kashmir can get domicile certificates by simply producing their Permanent Residence Certificate (PRC), ration card copy, voter card, or any other valid document.

• Bonafide migrants can apply with the Relief and Rehabilitation department by providing documents like electoral rolls of 1988, proof of registration as a migrant in any State in the country, or any other valid document.


Mains Paper 2: Polity

Prelims level: Amended domicile certificate rules in Jammu and Kashmir

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