Lalandar Dam

• It is the second major dam being built by India, after the Friendship Dam (Salma dam) in 2016. It is a part of New Development Partnership between India and Afghanistan.

• Dam would meet safe drinking water needs of Kabul City, provide irrigation water to nearby areas etc. It is being built on Maidan River, a tributary of Kabul River which flows into Pakistan from Afghanistan.

• Since 2001, after US-led forces ousted Taliban from power, India has extended around $3 billion in aid for the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

Major project includes:

• Humanitarian assistance: Supply of 1.1 MT of wheat etc.

• Infrastructure: Parliament Building, Zaranj Delaram road to move goods and services to Iran border etc.

• Connectivity: Chabahar Port, Direct Air Freight corridor between India and Afghanistan etc.

• Economic development: 116 high impact community developmental projects.

• Capacity Building: Scholarships to Afghans under Indian council for cultural relations, administration and governance training etc.

Importance of Afghanistan for India:

• India’s gateway to oil and mineral rich Central Asia.

• Stable Afghanistan is crucial for regional and domestic security.


Mains Paper 2: International

Prelims level: Lalandar Dam

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