Living Planet Report 2020

• Living Planet Report released every two years, is a comprehensive study of trends in global biodiversity and health of the planet.

• WWF is the leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species.

Key Findings:

• 68% fall in global wildlife population between 1970 and 2016.

• 75% of Earth’s ice-free land surface has been significantly altered.

• Almost one in three freshwater species are threatened with extinction.

• Almost 90% of global wetlands have been lost since 1700 (start of industrial revolution).

• Largest wildlife population loss has been in Latin America at an alarming rate of 94%.

• India has lost nearly one-third of its natural wetlands to urbanisation, agricultural expansion and pollution over the last four decades.

Key threats to biodiversity:

• Changes in land and sea use, including habitat loss and degradation;

• Species overexploitation;

• Invasive species and disease;

• Pollution and Climate change.


• Transforming food production and consumption,

• The aggressive movement to tackle climate change, and

• investments that conserve, protect, and restore nature, need to transform our economic systems to reflect the natural capital etc.


Mains Paper 3: Environment

Prelims level: Living Planet Report 2020

Mains level: Key findings of the report, threat concern and suggestions

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