Monsoon in India

• The monsoon covered the whole of India, 12 days before the normal date of July 8, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said. This was the fastest progression of the rain-bearing system since 2013.


• The formation of a low pressure area over Bay of Bengal which moved west-northwest-wards and another cyclonic circulation over central India helped in advance of the current Monsoon season.

• In the recent past, such early coverage of southwest Monsoon over the entire country occurred in 2013 when it had covered extreme north-western part of India on June 16 – almost a month ahead of then normal date of July 15.


• As per the revised normal arrival dates, released last month by the IMD, the monsoon sets over Kerala around June 1, nearly same as the old normal date and covers the entire country by July 8 — one week before the old normal date (July 15).

• Under revised reference dates for withdrawal, Monsoon withdrawal from northwest India will be delayed by more than two weeks (September 17) compared to the old normal date (September 1).

• While the normal dates of onset are revised based on data during 1961-2019, dates of withdrawal are revised based on data during 1971-2019. The old normal monsoon onset and withdrawal dates were based on data during 1901-1940.


Mains Paper 1: Geography

Prelims level: India Meteorological Department

Mains level: Analyse the monsoon in India

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