Nearly 2/3rds of Indians are of working age

• Data from the recently released Sample Registration System’s 2018 report shows that India’s “demographic dividend” continues to swell, with the share of working-age population in the country’s total population increasing.

Key findings:

• The SRS 2018 report estimates that in 2018, nearly 66% of the Indian population was between 15 and 59. This proportion has inched up each year from 2013 onwards.

• Those of working age constituted over two-thirds of the population in 12 of the 22 major states in 2018 while five years earlier, this was true in only four of the current states.

• Two states — Andhra Pradesh and Telangana — had over 70% of their populations in the working-age bracket and Bihar was the lone state in which they were less than 60% of the total.

• In general, states widely considered less developed had a lower proportion of their population in the working-age groups.

• Among the states with high development indicators, Kerala stands out as an exception with low working-age population. This is due to a relatively larger proportion of the elderly due to decades of low fertility and high life expectancy.


Mains Paper 2: National

Prelims level: SRS 2018 report

Mains level: Read the newscard

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