Solar outshines wind power in total capacity

• As per Ministry of New and Renewable Energy data, total installed capacity of solar power stood at 38,794 MW, while total wind power capacity was 38,684 MW.

• In comparison, a decade ago, the solar segment had a capacity of 18 MW, while wind power’s installed capacity was 13,000 MW.

Key reasons for this:

• Supportive government policies, like National Solar Mission, Renewable Purchase Obligation, Pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthan Mahabhiyan Yojana etc.

• Land Certainty due to Solar Park Policy under which large tracts of land were identified.

• Lower solar tariffs dropping below grid electricity tariffs, leading to quicker adoption.

Role of International Solar Alliance (ISA) to scale up of solar energy:

• ISA help to create the conditions that would make funding, developing and deploying solar applications on a large scale a reality.

• India has target of 175 GW of renewable energy by the year 2022, with 100 GW of solar power.

• However, one key concern high dependence on China for solar cells and modules as China accounts for 80% of imports.

• Recently, government launched PLI scheme for solar photo voltaic cells.


Mains Paper 3: Economy

Prelims level: International Solar Alliance

Mains level: Role of International Solar Alliance to scale up of solar energy

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