Women in military police

• The Indian Army inducted its first batch of 83 women soldiers as part of its military police.


• The attestation parade for the soldiers took place at the Dronacharya Parade Ground in Bengaluru.

• The government had approved the induction of women in military police in January 2019, and plans to have 1700 women soldiers by 2036, in batches of 100 recruits per year.

Corps of Military Police (CMP):

• It is the military police of the Indian Army. The roles of military police include the following:

1. policing the cantonments and Army establishments,

2. maintaining movement of soldiers as well as logistics during peace and war and

3. handling prisoners of war.

• They can be identified by their red berets and white belts. They also wear a black brassard with the letters MP imprinted in red.

• The First section of Indian Corps of Military Police was raised in 1939 during the World War 2.


Mains Paper 3: Security

Prelims level: Corps of Military Police

Mains level: Role of women in military police organisation

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