Youngsters shunning higher education, shows national statistical office survey

• Survey shows deterioration in access to higher education between 2014 and 2018.

Key Findings related to higher education:

• Overall, as of 2018-19, 37.4 million students are part of the higher education
system of which 18.2 million are female.

• Dropout rate was around 5% (2014-2018) for graduates.

Reasons for dropout:

• 12% of girls drop out to get married, another 32% for “domestic activity”. For boys, more than a third drops out to earn.

• Financial limitation is the prime mover for dropout as at graduate level nine out of 10 students end up paying for education.

• Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) at graduate level is as low as 26% against nearly 100% at the primary level.

• Other issues faced by higher education sector: Low employability of graduates, poor quality of teaching, weak governance, insufficient funding, and complex regulatory norms.

• Presently, there is a need to enhance government spending on education.

• New National Education Policy intends to raise education spending in the country to 6% of GDP.

• India currently spends 3.8% of GDP on education, against the global average of 4.5%, says World Bank.


Mains Paper 2: National

Prelims level: Dropout rate

Mains level: Key findings related to higher education

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