Your car on road is not private space

• The Delhi government on November 18 told the Delhi High Court that a personal vehicle on a public road cannot be said to be a private zone — rather, it is a public space.


• The argument was given by the state to defend its decision of making it compulsory for people to wear masks when they are travelling in their personal or official vehicles, alone or otherwise.

• The Delhi government referred to the Supreme Court judgment in ‘Satvinder Singh @ Satvinder Singh Saluja and Ors Vs. The State of Bihar’ to defend its directive on wearing masks in vehicles.

• The Supreme Court in its ruling said Section 2(17A) of the Bihar Excise (Amendment) Act, 2016 defines a “public place” to mean any place to which the public has access, whether as a matter of right or not — and includes all places visited by the general public, and also includes any open space.

• The court dismissed the argument that a vehicle is not covered by the definition of “public place” as given in the law amended in 2016 by Bihar.

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